Earth Song Meditation Video


This visual and musical meditation is a compliment to my autobiography Earth Song
and leads you without narration from World War II in Germany
where the angry generation grew up to escaping to America

America as seen through my eyes
The destruction of an ancient culture
Division, poverty and homelessness
American cities are burning
I see the beauty from sea to shining sea
America the bizarre
America the wasteful and irresponsible
America the powerful and patriotic
America the ancient
America the beautiful

This musical and visual journey comes to its conclusion with an interlude in Hartford during the seventies
finally to a twenty five year love affair with the hill tops of the Berkshires fulfilling a childhood dream

Slide images were created with an Hasselblad camera
Live music was produced with my musician friends by watching the images
and expressing instant musical feelings
Recording the first take only kept the raw musical emotions innocent and true

I hope you will enjoy this meditation