My Journey

Born 1938 near Hamburg, Germany
I experienced the war as a young child and was educated in construction, architecture, art and music.
I became part of Germany’s angry generation and fled to America in 1968

I actively participate in New England communities as
an environmentally conscious registered architect
developer and hands-on builder
writer, musician and audio-visual artist

I live in Chester, Connecticut and share my work and life with my partner Kristin DiErrico.

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“Hans Lohse offers his expressions carefully and their impact on our minds and senses confirm this. Reading Earth Song one is reminded of Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes and the reason it has had such a following, and that Lohse’s offering will claim the same devotion, is because an aging baby boomer population is hungry for the contrast to their own lives in order to discover purpose, spirit and passion. He shares his intimacy with innocence, pain, and finally emotional resurrection in his escape from childhood in Hitler Germany to building dreams in America”.

Bill D. Schul, Ph.D.

Author and Psychologist



Nancy Aronie

Author, Film Maker and National Public Radio Commentator


“Earth Song” is one of the most unique love stories I’ve ever read. Lohse’s gift as a writer is that he is as much a feeler as a thinker. His parsimonious descriptions cut through mental assumptions right into pure emotional resonance, drawing the reader into a deep meditation – on post-war history, spiritual transformation and creativity, sustainable living, the epic healing of a culture bent on the destruction of nature, and the power of visions to transmute suffering into healing joyful awakeness. Perennial wisdom is blooming once again in this beautiful and mysterious book.

Justin Good, Ph.D.

Author and Philosopher


You may purchase Earthsong here. All proceeds benefit Artists for World Peace.

$10.00 plus shipping
6” x 9” paperback
162 pgs
C 2011 Hans Lohse
ISBN-10: 1461031648